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When you hear about influencer marketing, you usually imagine glitzy lifestyle and fashion firms, but in truth, any company can collaborate with influencers! If you really have anything to offer a certain niche, there is no reason why an influencer within this field couldn’t conduct a strong campaign for you. A general rule of thumb would be to consider your consumer base and seek influencers that suit this profile.

When selecting influencers to collaborate with, make sure they are actual people that properly represent your client base. Check if the influencers you have selected to engage with are varied and will reach out to everyone to whom you want to advertise your product.

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Does your marketing involve influencers of many races, skin tones, and genders? Have you thought about different body kinds, faiths, sexual orientations, physical abilities, and socioeconomic backgrounds? My Drum post goes into deeper depth as to why that is so crucial!

But who exactly are these influencers?

When you imagine an influencer, you probably think of celebrities, right? Everybody, in their own right, may be called influencers in some way or another, often without ever knowing it!

Someone may persuade you to purchase ice cream, when you see somebody eating it or wearing a particular brand of apparel – so the same principle applies to social media advertising.

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When looking for the ideal match for your business brand, it’s critical to identify the perfect influencer that can help you reach your KPIs. There are many distinct sorts of influencers, which may be classified as follows:

  • Nano Influencers

Have between 1 and 10k followers.  Are very active in their community. And they are  cost – effective to deal with.

  • Micro Influencers

They often have 10k-200k followers, indicating that they must be relevant and involved with the audience. They are likely to specialize in a specific niche, which will result in more targeted leads. They also will likely work with certain companies and be well-known in their area or business.

  • Macro Influencers

Macro influencers typically have millions of followers and are well-known individuals. This sort of influencer can easily reach a larger audience, but they do not provide the same degree of personal contact with their users.

  • Mega Influencers

These are the celebrities, who would also raise brand recognition but also will, of obviously, necessitate a considerably larger expense.

  • Fake Influencer

Because of their negative implications, these influencers should be avoided. These fake influencers will purchase followers as well as engagement, appear spammy, and would follow and then unfollow individuals in order to build a bigger following.

Consider criteria like followers, engagement rate,  influencer reactions, comment quality, and also who they are following when selecting the ideal sort of influencers for your brand. Influencers frequently include such details in their media kits, and a look over their profiles to analyze factors such as comment quality may assist in determining if they’re true.

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How Do You Approach Influencers?

Now that we’ve determined who you’d like to approach to advertise your company, how would you go about approaching them? Communication would most likely take place via direct messaging on social media platforms or via email. It’s vital that you personalize  the outreach in some manner, so they know you enjoy and are already engaged with the current material (but you’re not simply trying to cast a wide net).

Influencers must maintain their authenticity and trustworthiness; thus they will be picky about which businesses they engage with to align with their very own brand image. It’s a good idea to explain why your company may be a great fit for their brand and audience, and how they might be interested in conducting a project with you.

It is critical that you express precisely what your objectives are and what they may anticipate in return during your initial approach. They will very certainly get a lot of correspondence from other media, companies, and fans, so trying to keep communication simple and brief is critical.

It’s a good idea to write a thorough brief that the influencer may refer to if needed, outlining the brand, service or product, concept, guidelines, campaign including disclosure agreements.

What Should You Offer Influencers?

Earlier, offering media shares in exchange for corporate promotion might well have sufficed. However, the positions are frequently flipped now, with influencers frequently having larger followers than certain businesses. So, what would you provide influencers in exchange for their social media promotion efforts?

Smaller influencers might well be content to accept things in exchange for partnerships, however larger influencers would like cash compensation to represent the real worth they would contribute to your company.

Financial compensation will be required by influencers who do full-time marketing — in fact, this really is their income source, and you’re hiring their content consultancy and creative services!

Smaller influencers, on the other hand, will balance their online presence alongside work, so their fees may be cheaper or they may not require a cash compensation at all (apart from the product, that has to be always given  as a part of your campaign)

The ongoing brand affiliation may also be offered, since it provides your brand ambassador with authority and credibility inside their niche, however, everything will rely on the brand, size, what is linked with this, as well as what would the influencer get from being affiliated with this brand name.

VIP events are a wonderful incentive to collaborate with a company since they allow influencers to attend the event for free as well as gain insider brand information along with potentially receiving gifts that can be marketed through the online channels. Obviously, it is a no-brainer for events & experience-based firms, but brands selling material goods may throw an event that will serve as content source for the influencers (think Instagram stories., vlogs, TikTok videos about the event).

When contacting influencers and negotiating a deal, the most essential point to remember is to be courteous. A smart way to start is to ask for their prices & media kit, or negotiate a price and gently ask if that appeals to them. They may respond with a higher price and give engagement and previous campaign numbers to back this up, which you can then analyze. If this puts their service beyond your price range, be courteous, thanking them for their feedback, and inform them that you will contact them again if you could provide a better price.

What results can you expect when you work with influencers

When evaluating the outcomes of engaging with influencers, three key aspects should be considered: engagement, campaign reach, and revenue.

When monitoring campaign reach, you’re actually evaluating the impressions you got for each post as well as the amount of traffic. You should consider the influencer’s number of followers as well as the traffic produced to your social media accounts or your website.

The likes and clicks on posts and links in posts, made by influencers and criteria such as comments and shares are all included in the engagement reflection. You can conclude that the higher such percentage, means the more captivating the content.

Finally, there is the primary reason why companies and enterprises use influencer marketing – income. There are two ways to analyze income generated by an influencer marketing campaign: one will be through affiliate links (which include UTM codes specific to that influencer, to measure what amount was spent by their referrals) another is through a customized promo discount code enabling their followers to apply. The special discount option seems to be a terrific method to measure the number of people who have utilized the coupon supplied specific influencers and also will give their followers an added motivation to buy. 

Do You Feel Influenced?

So, you now have enough knowledge to make an informed choice as to whether  influencer marketing might assist your business or brand. Would you be persuaded to test out this ingenious marketing strategy?

If you’d like to learn further about brand awareness or influencer marketing campaigns, or if you have any queries for our  SEO experts, please contact us.

Note: Many influencers have to be approved by a background screening company in order to work on various job sites.

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