She has Inherited Ned’s Grandmother’s Wig- Regina Daniels Trolled For Looking Older Than Her Age

Regina Daniels
Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Nigerian Actress Regina Daniels, the 6th wife of Billionaire Prince Ned Nwoko is on the trolling board for her most recent look.

Regina is trying her possible best to utilize her skills and influence to assist her husband with his political career.

However, her look on her husband’s 62nd birthday is causing a stir. The Actress appears several years older than her age in the outfit.

Cladded in an African print with a wig to match, one can easily mistaken her as a 50 years old.

According to trolls, Regina is doing everything within her strength to match the husband’s age hence her outfit.

One Nigerian blog said Miss Daniel has inherited Ned’s Grandmother’s wig.

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