I Was Paid $1 Million For 30 Minutes Performance – Cardi B Brags With An Invoice To Prove Her Claim

Cardi B
Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Cardi B, named Belcalis Marlenis Alman’zar Cephus at birth is that kind of braggart who adds evidence to make her claim valid.

Cardi in a post on Twitter disclosed that, she was paid $1 Million for a 30 minutes performance.

The Bankers elite event was a private one with just 400 people in attendance. She added an invoice to validate her claim.

According to the American Songwriter and Singer, Cardi B, her followers needs to consider her worth before throwing a jab at her.

Cardi B is noted for hit songs like; WAP, Tomorrow 2, Up, I Like It, Please Me, Bodal Yellow, Press, Shake It, and many more.

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