The Original Online Yoga School Opens a Virtual Yoga Studio

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Written by Lisa Scholfield

The yoga industry has really shifted after the pandemic.  Many yoga businesses are shifting to online spaces for the practice of yoga.  It works out well for both yoga business owners and yoga practitioners because the overhead is lower and the yoga business is able to pass the savings on to the consumer.  Many people did not believe that the practice of yoga could be taught online, but we have seen over the past couple of years that it absolutely can.

One of the pioneers in online yoga is the Original Online Yoga School.  The Original Online Yoga School was the very first to put yoga teacher training online and make it affordable, accessible and authentic.  They have trained thousands of yoga teachers internationally and certified them all through Yoga Alliance, the largest yoga organization in the world.  The Original Online Yoga School has 200-hour yoga teacher training, 300-hour yoga teacher training, 500-hour yoga teacher training, prenatal yoga teacher training and children’s yoga teacher training.

Recently the Original Online Yoga School announced that they have now opened a virtual yoga studio.  Many people are wondering can virtual yoga renew their yoga practice after a couple of years without being in traditional yoga spaces and studios.  The answer is overwhelming, yes.  Personally, my vinyasa practice has been renewed through online yoga.  I appreciate the opportunity to practice yoga in the comfort of my own home, maybe even in my pajamas or comfy clothes.  I don’t have the commute to get to yoga classes and I am able to optimize my time and my yoga practice this way.

The biggest plus to the virtual yoga studio of the Original Online Yoga School is that it has the best prices.  Right now, you can get the first month free.  After the first month, you pay only $9.99 per month and you get unlimited live yoga classes and yoga workshops, live meditations and kirtan sessions and access to a library of pre-recorded classes and workshops.  There are live yoga classes on a daily basis, and if you are not able to attend, they put the recording of each class in their library.

There are different styles of yoga that are offered.  Gentle yoga, vinyasa, chair yoga, functional yoga, mindfulness flow, prenatal yoga and ashtanga are available.  There are also yin yoga classes and restorative yoga classes.  There are even pranayama classes, which are a form of breathwork in yoga.  There are a ton of meditations that may be relaxing for those who are not into movement.

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