Inmate escape in Gatineau psychiatric hospital causes Water pipe damage and patients evacuation

Gatineau psychiatric hospital
Written by Lisa Scholfield

An escape attempt by an inmate in the Gatineau mental hospital has caused a ruckus and some amount of damage in the hospital. While trying to escape from the hospital, the patient damaged the sprinkler system, and this resulted in a water pipe getting broken during the escape attempt and water damage leading to an evacuation of over sixty patients from the facility. The patients will have to evacuate the Pierre-Janet Hospital and be re-housed in another facility.

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The report from the regional health authority stated that the escape attempt was made at 10 pm on Friday and in the process, the patient damaged the sprinkler system which is situated in the hospital’s central building causing a considerable amount of water loss because the broken water pipe was gushing out water about 60-90 liters per minute, quite enough to drain the water reserve in no time and also damage the affected facilities.

It was said that the escape attempt was not the first of its kind; a similar occurrence had taken place at the Hull Detention Centre in December, where a patient named David Harvey had escaped.

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The inmate at the Gatineau psychiatric hospital was undertaking a psychological assessment in a reserved area where inmates stay before they go on trial, before the escape attempt. According to report, it was in this same section in the Hull Detention Center that the previously mentioned case occurred.

Although the inmate was caught, a significant amount of damage was caused in the processing of escaping and left the hospital with a lot of repairs to do. Several facilities were affected, and a number of patients were evacuated. Out of the 64 patients housed in the hospital’s central building, 30 patients were swiftly evacuated. They were moved to other parts of the hospital that were not affected while the others remained, although the central building may soon be completely evacuated.

There is quite a lot to repair due to the event, and it seems the Gatineau psychiatric hospital management would definitely have a lot to do. While taking a report on the affected facilities, the health officials said the offices of the mental health services, some archives, and two wards were affected and would need to undergo repair.

Several measures are in place to rehabilitate these facilities. They have employed the services of the cleanup and drying crew who have made sure to eliminate the risk and effects of exposure to asbestos as much as possible while still carrying out their activities.

With other repairs still to be done, it might take a while before the affected hospital facilities are back in operation.

Officials say they have no idea about the duration of time required to complete the necessary repairs. Having some hospital facilities again in full operation would require quite a lot of time, effort, and funds.

They also have not estimated a cost for the damage, but with the look of things, the repairs might cost a lot. The task of restoring the damaged facilities might not be a walk in a park for the Gatineau Psychiatric hospital’s management.

Currently, Health services are ongoing in the hospital, but they are not taking visitors at this time.

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