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I’m sleeping with a married woman, but I feel bad for her husband – Man confesses

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Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

An anonymous man confessed on Confessions With Ms Nancy that he feels guilty after finding out that his sugar mummy was somebody’s wife. Now she has caught him having sex with his girlfriend and is threatening to cut all my allowance.

Godwin, as he prefers to be called, narrated how he met his married lover. He said it started as an act of kindness before hitting the sheets.

“I met this woman when I was working at the Accra Mall. I helped her with her groceries to the car park, and she took my number. So we started talking, and we became lovers. She is about 20 years older than me.

“She asked if I have a girlfriend, and I denied it because even before we became lovers, she was sending money for my lunch. She was giving me Ghc1,000 for lunch.”

Godwin mentioned that his married lover took very good care of him. Better than his girlfriend. But now he doesn’t want her anymore, but the benefits.

He said, “At a point, she asked me to stop my job at the mall because it wasn’t paying much, and she got me a better job. She bought me a car. I was perching with my friend, but after I met her, she rented an apartment for me. To play my cards well, I arranged for her to only come to the house on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And then my girlfriend on Friday to spend the weekend.

“I started feeling more for her because she was making me comfortable better than my girlfriend could. My girlfriend started asking questions about the source of my luxurious life. So I told her about the woman, saying she took me as her son because I helped her. Months into the relationship with this older woman, I got to know she is married. The fact that she is someone’s wife worries me. I can’t also tell my girlfriend, or she will leave. What should I do?” Godwin is asking for help.

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