Ifeanyi’s Death – Revelation Claims Chioma Was The Target And Ifeanyi Saved His Mom – Details

Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

According to a theory gaining momentum online, the death of Davido’s son Ifeanyi was a spiritual affair, and his mother was the target but the boy ended up paying the price.

This was propounded by none other than loudmouth social media nuisance and media personality, Adu Safowaa.

Safowaa claims that in the spiritual realm, Chioma was the intended target to die.

She claims her son, Ifeanyi, took the bullet for his mother because he cannot leave without her.

“This death was directed at Chefchi but little Ifeanyi saved his mother. He could not live this life without his mum,” she said.

Safowaa talks a lot and she has barely shut up since Ifeanyi’s sad death.

Check out her post below…

On Monday, Davido’s three-year-old son tragically died.

He drowned in the pool at the singer’s massive Banana Island mansion in Lagos.

In the aftermath, eight domestic workers of the musician were arrested including Ifeanyi’s nanny and personal chef.

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