How to pick the right shipping container

Written by Lisa Scholfield

A transport container is a container with energy appropriate to face up to shipment, storage, and handling. Shipping containers vary from massive reusable metal packing containers used for intermodal shipments to the ubiquitous corrugated boxes. In the context of worldwide delivery trade, “container” or “shipping container” is without a doubt synonymous with “intermodal freight container,” a container designed to be moved from one mode of transport to every other except unloading and reloading.

How containers maintain your items secure in the course of transit

Shipping containers are many times uncovered to the elements, surviving steady assault from saltwater and differing climates round the globe. Because of this, they’re developed with corten steel, recognised for its structural and anti-corrosive properties, and painted with hard-wearing marine-grade paint for long-term protection. On pinnacle of that, the corrugated partitions furnish steadiness and electricity in order to stand up to heavy use all through transportation.

How the containerization system works:

When loading containers for export, the following processes are carried out to make sure the container loading manner runs as easily as possible:

Once we acquire your cargo it is then taken to one of our nearby depots to be organized for loading onto a container.
Your cargo is then transported to our central hub the place it is loaded onto the container and securely bolted and sealed the place it stays sealed till it reaches its destination.
The container is then transported to the port the place it is loaded onto a vessel and units off toward its destination.
At this stage, you will be in a position to song your container stay with the aid of your on-line dashboard.

Here are Some Fascinating Facts about Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers can be safely stacked nine-high.
Well-maintained Shipping Containers maintain 759, of their authentic price for 25+ years.
There are over 37 million Shipping Containers in use round the world.
A Shipping Container ground can maintain up 55,000 lb. of items except warping.
Shipping Container ground is made of 1-1/8” marine grade plywood.
Most Shipping Containers are 20 toes or 40-feet long.
Shipping Containers are made of 16-gauge corten steel.
Common container adjustments include: personnel doors, home windows flooring, shelving, work stations, insulation, local weather manipulate & even restrooms.



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We also back up our customers with our 2-year leak-free warranty and a 6-year structural warranty as well as discounted container relocation services in case they’d need to relocate their container to a new home in the future.


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