Fella Makafui reacts as Real Owner Of Her Lamborghini Is Revealed

Fella Makafui
Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Actress Fella Makafui has been exposed after trying to pass off someone else’s Lamborghini as hers and being called out on it!

After being exposed, Fella has been forced to confess the truth and admit the car isn’t hers at all!

On Monday, November 28th 2022, whilst Ghanaians were still celebrating the great victory of the senior national team, the Black Stars, against the Korea Republic, Fella decided to heap pressure on us all by dropping a new Lamborghini.

She shared a photo of herself posing with a Green Lamborghini with a caption indicating she had worked very hard to get the car.

“Worth every headache,” Fella bragged.

Check her post below…

Immediately after, Ghanaians started doubting the real ownership of the car.

Professional troller, Bongo Ideas, called Fella out and said the car doesn’t belong to her.

“Fella Makafui does not own the Lambo she just flaunted. It is owned by one KellyB. Don’t fall for her fake life, she borrowed it for a shoot,” he said.

Fella, facing exposure, came to quickly admit the obvious.

“The last time I checked, I did not tell you the car is mine. REST!”

Check out their interaction below and for the 1000th time, never let these fake celebs pressure you, EVER!

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