“She looks deformed but Her Face Is Still Fine” – Fantana Shows Off Her Body to A Disappointing Reception

Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Singer Fantana’s absence from social media has come with much criticism from fans and Ghanaians.

In a series of responses, the talented musician showed that she is frustrated by the sheer show of animosity toward her.

For many of her critics, her consistent display of provocative photos during a time when she has not released new music is mind-boggling.

However, the singer has responded in the past, asking her critics incredibly hateful men to leave her alone.

Sadly, her plea fell on deaf ears as her detractors were out for her blood again.

The wild photos showed Fantana in her full glory as she displayed her snatched body, which she has confessed is a result of surgery.

Meanwhile, check out the photos below.

Engaging the post, netizens had a mix of opinions over her photo, which were not very flattering.

Read a few of them below.

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