5 East Nusa Tenggara Tourist Destinations, Perfect for Vacations

East Nusa Tenggara
Written by Lisa Scholfield

East Nusa Tenggara is famous for the tourist destinations of Komodo Island. Komodo Island and East Nusa Tenggara Province also own other tourist destinations. Ranging from beach tours to the mountains.

The following recommendations for tourist destinations will spoil your vacation time so you can enjoy various natural beauty in East Nusa Tenggara. What are the destinations? Let’s see the following list of tourist destinations.

5 East Nusa Tenggara Tourist Destinations

1. Komodo Island

The first recommendation, of course, is to travel to Komodo Island (Pulau Komodo). Komodo Island has various species of animals and plants, especially the home for Komodo dragons. This destination is perfect for people who like adventure and enjoy a vacation in nature.

In addition, it is also beneficial for educational tours for school children. The many species of animals and plants will increase knowledge. Then Komodo Island also has the right diving spots for diving enthusiasts to enjoy the underwater panorama. 

2. Batu Bolong Beach

This beach is equipped with many rocks on the coast with a stretch of white and black sand that is very charming from the rocks’ sidelines, grasses and green moss to the black stones. Batu Bolong Beach is known for its underwater beauty, and we highly recommend diving and snorkeling lovers visit this beach. Later you will be spoiled by hundreds of fish and colorful coral reefs that decorate the ocean.

3. Kelimutu Lake

Besides beach tourism and Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara has a beautiful lake tourist destination, Kelimutu Lake usually is called the “Lake of Three Colors” because it often changes color from red to dark brown. And this is located in the Ende Regency area.

4. Padar Island

Padar Island is an island in East Nusa Tenggara, filled with views of hills surrounded by blue sea. This place is very suitable as a beautiful photo spot because of the scenery.

5. Wae Rebo Village

Another highly recommended tourist destination to visit is Wae rebo Village. This village has a stunning natural beauty that will significantly spoil the eye. Located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level makes it look like a village above the clouds. This village also has a unique culture such as people’s houses. If you are curious about what it looks like, you should visit Wae rebo Village.

As described above, many recommendations are available in East Nusa Tenggara. The natural beauty that is very charming will certainly make your vacation time meaningful.

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