Vawulence Pro Max – Efia Odo Rains Insults After Fan Called Her Out Over Skimpy Dress

Efia Odo
Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Actress Efia Odo went in hard on a fan after he called her out on her skimpy dressing.

Odo rained insults on the offending fan and bashed him for not having sense!

It all started after the actress shared one of her photos wearing nothing but the skimpiest of dresses.

A netizen with an okro mouth decided to jump in and opine on her fashion sense.

According to him, Efia should let him know why any man would decide to pay a bride price for her considering all she has to offer is on show for the world to see.

“So why should someone pay your bride price?” he commented.

Efia Odo decided to fire back and showed no mercy to the troll.

Replying to his question, she wrote: “Because you don’t have sense,”

Check out the interaction below…

Efia Odo has continued to dress how she likes for as long as she likes despite tons of such criticism against her.

At a point, you’ve just gotta accept she is who she is – but social media would never stop being a land of banter so such back and forth would always occur!

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