Times Are Hard In The Country But Suicide Is Not An Option – Mahama Reacts To Viral Video Of Kasoa Man Who Was Electrocuted On A High Tension Pole

Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, has reacted to a viral video of a young man who unfortunately committed suicide on the high tension pole on 14th October 2022.

John Dramani Mahama who was out of the country when the incident happened described the video he saw as “heart-aching” and stated that “suicide is not an option” no matter the hardship in a country.

He sent out a message of solidarity via Twitter to the deceased family and Ghanaians as a whole while acknowledging the level of hardship in the country.

The tweet also assured Ghanaians of a better tomorrow for the “sun will rise again” and encouraged people to be each other’s keepers.

Former President Mahama tweeted “I returned from a trip to the sad news of Kakra who electrocuted himself. Levels of hardship in Ghana are dire; worst in 3 decades. But suicide is never an answer. Even in the darkest night, there’ll come dawn. The sun will rise again. Let’s be each other’s keeper & keep hope alive”


On 14th October 2022, a video of a young man, now identified as Kakra, brought tears to the eyes of many on social media.

Kakra claimed a high-tension pole in Kasoa, where he resides, and ended his life by stepping on the wires to be electrocuted.

His reason according to reports is that he felt overburdened by the hardship in Ghana’s economy and saw no improvement in his life.

Tweeps greeted the Former President’s tweet with varied reactions. Read some below.

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