Stingy Yvonne Nelson Rants After Paying Just GH¢300 For Her Eyedrop

Yvonne Nelson
Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Actress Yvonne Nelson has slammed President Nana Akuffo-Addo on Twitter over the rising cost of goods and services.

In her tweet, she complained about more than a 100 percent increment in the cost of an eyedrop she buys regularly.

“Mr President, @NAkufoAddo, this eye drop (xalacom) was 120ghc, its now 273ghc and even 300ghc in some pharmacies.”

According to Yvonne, the eyedrop is essential as it helps her avert an imminent risk of glaucoma.

“I need to use this every evening, without it, the pressures on my eye will go up and will result in glaucoma. How many Ghanaians do you think can afford this?”

Being a successful actress, she wouldn’t lose any sleep buying her favourite eyedrop at a whopping GH¢273.

Her concerns were with the many Ghanaians who are not financially capable of paying that much for just an eyedrop.

“Are you still president? Are you still in this country? Do you hear the people crying? Are you this heartless? No more campaigns ahead so you are unbothered? You obviously feel nothing for Ghanaians. Such a disappointment.”

Yvonne Nelson remarked that things were getting worse by the day and charged the president to wake up from his slumber.

“The country is bleeding…its that bad! We cannot live this way! Are you able to sleep at night? People close to you aren’t telling you? You have failed every citizen! @NAkufoAddo”

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