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Sarkodie Exposed – Rapper Goes As Silent As A Mouse Whilst NPP Takes Ghana To Hell

Written by Lisa Scholfield

Rapper Michael Owusu Addo, popularly known as Sarkodie, has been exposed as a stinking hypocrite, as he remains as silent as a church mouse whilst the country goes to hell.

Sarkodie in the past has never shied from being political, and during the reign of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), constantly called out the government and released songs talking about hardship in the country.

All that activism has now vanished since the New Patriotic Party (NPP), came into office.

Sarkodie endorsed the NPP for a second term in 2020, after releasing the song Happy Days in which he asked for Nana to toaso (continue).

He was presumably paid for that endorsement, to the shock of Happy Days co-star Kuami Eugene, who didn’t even know he was appearing on a political song.

Whatever amount Sark was given was pretty heavy because he has remained mute throughout immense hardship for Ghanaians.

Since the start of the year, prices of goods and services have more than doubled. Fuel prices, utilities and transport fares continue to rise by the day and the cedi has become worthless, yet Sarkodie has remained mute through it all.

On Sunday night, President Akufo-Addo delivered a speech in which he appeared to blame Ghanaians for the hardship.

Imagine if Mahama said that, Sark would be on Twitter with some big words and later release a song!

Ghanaians have constantly called for him to be fair and criticize the NPP, but Sarkodie is comfortable and couldn’t care less.

No matter what, no condition is permanent – soon NPP would be out of power and we would see if Sark has anything to say about any future government!

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