Osei Kwame Despite Storms Roadside To Eat Local Rice Plus Kanzo

Osei Kwame Despite
Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Millionaire Osei Kwame Despite has shocked some residents of Agona after pulling up at the roadside to eat local rice.

Osei Kwame Despite is seen in a video with his car parked at the roadside whilst he eats at a joint by a gutter.

According to reports, the millionaire stopped to buy rice to satisfy his hunger.

He is seen at the spot in the company of an unknown friend who also ate with him.

Residents who spotted him eating at the joint are seen hyping him for his humility even with all his money.

The video has currently gone viral on social media as fans react. The video has been met with mixed feelings.

Often the people who are rich act normal and behave normal but those who are yet to make it fake and live flamboyant life they really cannot afford.

That actually is the life of most of our celebrities – they live luxurious life that they cannot afford and end up getting trapped in deadly deals.

Why can’t life be this simple?

Watch the video below;

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