I Would Have Been Dead If I Didn’t Leave My Previous Marriage – Gospel Musician Esther Smith Reveals

Esther Smith
Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Veteran Ghanaian gospel musician, Esther Smith, has disclosed in a recent interview why she run from her marriage and traveled to Germany.

Esther Smith said she would have ended up like the late Osinachi if she did not escape because her husband was also abusing her.

“My situation would have turned out just like the lady who died in Nigeria, Osinachi’s death. So I had to quit. I had to quit because God has given us brains and sense. You have to apply it,” she divulged.

The gospel musician said when she run to Germany, her abusive husband and some close friends started tarnishing her image with lies that she had been impregnated by another man.

“You know, my child I gave birth to in Dutchland, some people turned it around and said I had given my child to another man, and the person perpetrating those lies was someone close to me. The person was creating an impression.”

“It is not about what people are saying or doing, but then you need to think and say, where are things headed? I think I can die. So you have to quit and if you quit, it won’t make the person happy, so they will have to frame stories to tarnish your image when you know nothing about it.”

“Since I am not good at talking too much, I had to keep quiet. That was what happened,” she explained.

Esther Smith said God gave her the sense to escape an abusive marriage and she gladly used it to quit although it was difficult to execute her plan at that time because she was a gospel musician.

She is currently promoting her new single ahead of an album.

Watch the interview below.

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