He Could Have Used That Money To Save His Dead Career – Social Media Roast Guru As He Narrates How He Once Donated $200k To A Politician For Campaign

Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Popular Ghanaian rapper, Guru has echoed intentions of ending his duty as an entertainer and taking up the male as a politician.

Guru noted in an interview monitored by GNews Ghana that he wants to serve the people of his country better and being an entertainer is not enough to achieve that goal hence his intentions of becoming a politician.

“I have realized being an entertainer isn’t enough. I’m in a position to serve my people to make Ghana a better place,” he said.

To make sure he is well-equipped in the field he has chosen and to prove he is not just bluffing, the former hitmaker has enrolled in the University of Ghana as a political science student.

Guru also narrated in the interview how he donated an amount of 200,000 dollars to a politician to be given back to society but was used for a campaign.

“In the past, I have donated 200,000 dollars to one politician to give back to society. I expect those in politics and government to do more of these but if it’s not happening, I’m getting the qualification as a politician to do it better for our people.”

The ‘Samba’ hitmaker also shared his opinion on how he would have tackled the Galamsey menace if he was a man in power.

“For example, the issue of galamsey that’s affecting our rivers and other water bodies isn’t the work of the government alone to stop it; as citizens, we must know we destroy nature when we venture into it and refuse to do the right thing,” he noted.

Some social media users are however not enthused by Guru’s interest in politics. They raise that we have had one too many entertainers venturing into governance.

Others also advised Guru to stop investing huge amounts of money into political campaigns and use it to invest and revive his dead music career.

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