Ghanaian Prophet Who Allegedly Impregnated Church Member And Asked Her To Abort Receives Award From Joe Biden

Ghanaian prophet
Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

A Ghanaian prophet who allegedly impregnated his church member, asked her to abort then told her God told him he will die if she doesn’t abort, has received a lifetime achievement award from U.S President Joe Biden.

Prophet Dr. Kofi Danso was one of many honorees of the United States President Joseph R. Biden 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award and the Global Humanitarian Leadership Award.

Danso heads the Miracle Arena for All Nations church in Canada.

He is described as a “highly respected spiritual leader who is the senior pastor of the fastest growing church in North America, Toronto, Canada,”

However, a google search of Danso is dominated by details of a long-running court case from a former church member,  Chris-Ann Bartley.

Bartley claims the pastor impregnated her then denied it. She also said he asked her to abort the baby because God said he would die if she didn’t.

Danso denied all allegations in court but a DNA test appears to have implicated him as the father of the baby.

He later started a second court action to have the DNA test thrown out.

Danso is reportedly married, with his wife also a huge part of his ministry.

The current state of his marriage, or the DNA case, is not readily apparent.

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