Black Sherif Shares Beautiful Photo Posing With Aunty Merie And Family

Black Sherif
Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Man of the moment, Black Sherif, has shared a beautiful photo posing with his family, giving Ghanaians a behind-the-scenes look at his roots.

The explosive superstar, born Mohammed Ismail Sharrif, took a photo with his family and shared it online.

The photo shows the musician with a couple of elderly women and a couple of young boys.

Fans say, one of the women in the photo is none other than Aunty Merie of Second Sermon fame!

In Second Sermon, the first true mega-hit of Sherif’s career, he sings about how he ran away from his family to go hustle in the big city and that his family would be shocked if they find out some of the things he has to do to survive.

Sherif rapped in the massively popular hit: “Aunty Merie nnim sɛ this be the life a’dey live for here (Accra). Things I see with my eyes Sɛ meka kyerɛ ma’brewa noa she go stress’oo,”

To wit, Aunty Merie doesn’t know what he’s had to engage in to survive and if he tells his old lady what he has seen with his eyes she would worry excessively.

Well, fans say this is Aunty Merie come to life in the photo below.

Check the photo of Black Sherif family below…

black sherif family

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