He’s Wicked and Envious – Netizen Exposes How Abeiku Santana Allegedly Badmouthed Lucky Mensah To Millionaire Who Wanted To Help Him

Abeiku Santana
Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Ghanaian radio presenter Gilbert Aggrey, popularly known as Abeiku Santana, has been exposed for being an alleged snitch, a wicked, envious and petty man.

A social media user called Abeiku out following an unprovoked attack he launched on singer, Mzbel.

Abeiku was interviewing an upcoming musician and asked which artiste he would like to feature on a single.

The young star named Mzbel, but Abeiku was dismissive and asked why he would like to feature a ‘former artiste’.

Abeiku’s dismissive attitude unleashed social media anger on him.

In reaction to the video, a social media user claims that Santana has always been that way.

The netizen claimed there was a time late Ghanaian rich man, David Lamptey, wanted to help Lucky Mensah and asked Abeiku about him.

The netizen claims Abeiku bad-mouthed him and hence Mr Lamptey decided not to help Lucky Mensah out anymore.

“This Santana guy was the one who snitched on Lucky Mensah to the late David Lamptey when he wanted to buy him a car. He tarnished his image to the extent that the man didn’t wanna see his face again, this I say with my full chest,” the netizen said.

Meanwhile, Mzbel has responded and rained insults on Abeiku Santana for his behaviour in the interview.

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