You’ll Kill Yourself If Black Sherif Wins Grammy – Sally Mann Mocks Shatta Wale

Black Sherif
Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Ghanaian media personality Sally Mann has prophesied that a frustrated Shatta Wale would shoot himself and die if Black Sherif ever wins a Grammy.

According to Mann, Wale is just frustrated in life due to his career going nowhere whilst the young stars are gaining Ghana all the glory.

In a rant aimed at Gbee Naabu, she appeared angry over a previous comment of Wale.

According to her, the media is tired of Shatta Wale because we all have our problems in this world.

She said he cannot come and put his problems on people in the media because they also have their own problems to deal with.

Mann went ahead to hit Wale where it hurts, claiming that if Black Sherif or any of the young stars projecting Ghana to the world – Gyakie, KiDi, King Promise – win a Grammy, Wale would commit suicide.

She said this is a prophesy she’s laying down which will surely come to pass if those young guys win.

Shatta Wale is often trolled for being jealous of the exploits of the young Ghanaian stars who are able to achieve international feats far easier than their predecessors.

Listen to Mann’s prophecy below…swipe to watch.

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