Which sex doll is better, full-size sex doll or sex doll torso?

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Written by Lisa Scholfield

There are many main reasons why using a sex doll’s torso is better than full-size sex in terms of male masturbation. A person may be attracted to a picture of a full-size sex doll and you fantasize about it yourself. A person can make these guys sexy lingerie. One might want your dolls to end up like friends in a community hall on the couch. And these girls can also make sex dreams come true, as we are sex torsos with cocks that have been sold as well.

However, it is expensive to buy such sex dolls on the display. How, precisely, will you save enough money to buy one? If you choose to buy a full-body sex doll, where will you store it? Maybe you don’t want the girl to show up in front of her mother when she visits. Full-size dolls are heavy and even hard to clean. They can be heavy with materials. Isn’t that the way to do it now?

Yes, indeed it is. These problems can be solved with torso sex dolls. Although they don’t look as elegant as full-body sex dolls, they are more practical.

Torso dolls may be cheaper than full-size fuck dolls.

A sex doll torso will be cheaper than a full-sized sex doll. This is the most obvious advantage. Torso dolls can be a great option for those on a tight budget who want to dip their toes into sex dolls.

A person does not need to return them to a rental retailer, as is the case with full-size sex dolls. They can be hidden away at home and taken away at any time.

The price of a sex doll torso ranges from $70 to $500. Important sex dolls usually start at $500. Therefore, sex doll torsos tend to be cheaper.

These sex doll torsos are cheap enough that you can collect or order more dolls. There are several types of sex dolls with several body types. You may be able to get one that better suits your requirements.

Menai Sex Doll Torso

Size: 61cm headless, 74cm with a heart

A lovely, well-shaped core that can certainly be compared to a female of 150 cm in height.

Three orifices involving true-to-size depth make the doll lightweight and light, but offer the same sexual options as a full-size doll.

Dimensions: 61cm (headless), 74cm (with head).

Shemale Sex Doll Torso

Material: Medical grade TPE

Height: 52.8cm / 20.8 Inch

Shoulder Width: 36cm / 14.2 Inch

Penis Length:18cm / 7 Inch


This sex doll’s torso is more suitable for women as it has a very large cock.

A beautiful ergonomic torso to rival that of a 150cm tall girl.

The true-size three-piece set is related to the gentleness and portability of the doll but offers the same intimate possibilities as the new full-size dolls.

As well as the price, torso dolls can be transported more easily than full-size adult dolls.

Due to the smaller torso area of sex dolls, torso dolls may be easier to transport and store than full-size sex dolls. Because they will be smaller, they take up less space to consider and are easier to transport when transferring or traveling. Fortunately, they are lighter and easier to transport as they won’t flip over or get damaged.

A sex doll torso won’t take up space in your guest room or even your wardrobe. Instead, it can be placed on a new shelf in your wardrobe, underneath the towels. It’s simple to be able to hide smaller dolls from unwanted eyes.

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