Virgin Mundi: Berla Mundi On The Trolling Board For Claiming To Be A Virgin

Berla Mundi
Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Television Show Host, Berla Mundi claims she is a virgin but her fans won’t have any of it.

Berla in a response to a fan who wants to know if it’s okay to have *** before church says she can’t answer because she’s a virgin.

According to Miss Addardey, she doesn’t understand why a virgin like her should be asked such a question.

Some of her fans who don’t seem to believe their idol started trolling her. A Twitter user by account name Quame Memphis exclaimed; Virgin for the where.

Twitter ‘Agenda’ boys don’t spare anyone when it comes to trolling and Berla Mundi just brought herself.

However, others also believe that, she only said that just for fun not to say she’s a virgin in the real sense of the word.

Aside Hosting Shows, Berlinda Addardey is an Influencer and a Brand Ambassador to Absa Bank Ghana, Lucozade Energy Drink, and many more.

Mundi since she left GhoneTV has tried to keep a low profile as she grows scandal-free year by year. She is currently referred to as one of the well behaved Presenters on TV.

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