Delay Explains Why She Is No Longer Friends With Afia Schwar and The Rest

Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Deloris Frimpong Manso, affectionately called Delay has disclosed the reason behind her fallout with some of her old friends.

According to the Television Show Host, when you mature into a Badass businesswoman, you’ll definitely outgrow some of your friends.

In simple terms, as you mature, your taste and preference about many things will change so is your ability to remain friends with some people.

Moreso, Miss Frimpong Manso thinks there’s no point in carrying dead weight on your hike to the top.

Meaning the friends you no longer feel that connection with at a particular stage in life become a dead weight. They need to be discarded else it will impede your progress.

Putting it in context, Afia Schwar and Tonardo have outlived their relevance in Delay’s life. They are now a dead weight that can impede her progress hence her decision to part ways with them.

Afia Schwar, Tornado and Delay were best of friends until a misunderstanding ensued and separated them.

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