Too Much Cheating – Rev Obofour Hints His Marriage Is Over As He Cries That Bofowaa Is Fed Up With Him

Rev Obofour
Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Pastor and leader of the Anointed Palace Chapel, Rev Obofour, has hinted at fire in his marriage in a new sermon advising men on how to deal with a fed-up wife.

According to Obofour, who appears to be speaking from experience, when a woman is fed up with a man, there’s literally nothing that man would do that makes her happy.

He said such a man can speak the sweetest words in the world and she won’t find any of it sweet.

Obofour continued that a man whose wife is fed up with him can try his best to satisfy her in bed but she would be as dry as the Sahara.

He said in such a situation, the best solution is to pack up your things and leave because nothing is remedying that mess.

In case you aren’t aware, rumours abound that Obofour is a serial cheat who has impregnated and fathered children with other women out of wedlock.

According to one PhD in nkonkonsa who spilled the beans, the worst part is that he brings his illegitimate children home and his wife Bofowaa is forced to cater for them.

In such a situation – you’d be fed up if you were Bofowaa too!

No wonder she’s alleged to have packed her bags and run from home!

Listen to Obofour complain below…

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