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Keep Your Marriage Off Social Media If You Want It To Last – Akua GMB To Tracey Boakye and Other Celebs

Akua GMB
Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Former beauty queen and ex-wife of Dr. Kwaku Oteng, Akua GMB has advised Tracey Boakye and other celebrities who are fond of posting their marital issues online.

Speaking from a personal experience, Akua GMB advised celebrities not to invite the public into their marriages via social media if they want it to last.

She Opined that celebrity marriages do not last because they put everything they go through on social media.

Akua explained that not everyone who writes a comment under your post wishes you happiness and that might contribute to the breakup of your marriage.

Keeping your family and marriage private is the safest way to enjoy a long-lasting relationship, according to Akua GMB.

She also pointed out that seeking solutions to marital problems online is wrong as most comments online are from jealous people who wish for your downfall.

This advice, according to social media users, was q message for Tracey Boakye indirectly. The actress has been loud on social media with her marriage which is not even a month old.

She made a post celebrating one week of marriage saying she is the happiest person on earth.

Some naysayers have already predicted the breakup of her marriage. Even Ghanaian actor Oboy Siki has predicted that the marriage won’t last for more than 6 months.

If she is wise, she will listen to Akua GMB and learn from her experience.

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