Jackie Appiah refused $15,000 deal to post on Instagram – Movie Director

Jackie Appiah
Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Some people questioned the source of Jackie Appiah’s wealth after her mansion’s video popped up online. In the wake of various speculations, a movie director discloses she turned down his $15,000 offer.

According to the filmmaker, Sammy Rasta, Jackie Appiah refused his $15,000 deal. The actress was supposed to post 3 flyers on her Instagram handle, but she turned down the offer. Thus, she turned down his offer because the amount was below her charges for social media posts.

Therefore, Sammy Rasta speaking to GNEWS argued that those doubting Jackie Appiah’s wealth probably don’t know how much she charges. That is because, from his experience, she takes one of the highest pay.

“Personally, I have given Jackie Appiah a deal worth thousands of dollars which she rejected. The amount of money involved is somebody’s brand money for a year. My big man wanted Jackie to post three flyers on her Instagram. Not even with her face. Three posts on her Instagram for three weeks. It couldn’t meet her brand. 5000 dollars for three weeks. She did not accept. I know someone who has accepted a contract that is worth the amount Jackie rejected,” he revealed.” He said.

Meanwhile, Sammy Rasta was speaking in an interview on Power FM


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