Twitterers rub Jackie Appiah’s mansion in Shatta Wale’s face

Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

We all know the Ghanaian celebrity who is such a braggart. The person brags to the extent of flaunting even the commonest assets.

However, when Jackie Appiah’s mansion popped up on social media, twitterers are now settling the scores. They found the difference between bragging about being rich and being filthy rich.

Luchy Donalds shared a video of Jackie Appiah’s huge mansion and that is the first time many saw how rich she was. This is because Jackie Appiah does not brag about her immense wealth.

That is why tweeps could not help but rub it in the face of Shatta Wale for always bragging about his small mansion.

“What a clapback from Jackie Appiah to Shatta Wale for disrespecting her.

1 Jon figure he reach because Nam 1 rent a house with swimming pool inside. See mansion Jackie Appiah buy. The gate is expensive than Shatta Wale house. ” a tweet read.

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