Armed Robbers attack Bridget Otoo’s shop again

Bridget Otoo’s
Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Armed Robbers attack Bridget Otoo’s shop again, police turn blind eye.

Metro TV’s news anchor, Bridget Otoo’s shop was attacked by armed robbers again. This is the second time the shop is being attacked by armed robbers following its raid in broad daylight in September last year.

“Today too armed robbers have come to my shop to pull a gun on two of my shop attendants. They didn’t get any cash, they took their phones away. Hmmmmm,” she shared on Twitter.

The broadcaster said though the robbers did not get any money this time, they took the phones of her shop attendants. However, she bemoaned the police never do anything about the robbery even after reporting it to them.

“You would go to the police and report another robbery and nothing happens,” Bridget Otoo tweeted.

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