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Tracey Boakye advises young women against dating married men

Tracey Boakye
Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Actress Tracey Boakye has advised unmarried women to avoid dating married men.

According to her, it is wrong for a lady to come between a couple that has struggled over the years to grow, make money and maintain their relationship.

Speaking to Abeiku Santana, Tracey Boakye said “even when the married men approach you, you should ignore the proposals having in mind the wives who have worked to support their husbands.”

The actress urged single women to work hard and find men of their own adding that that is more rewarding.

She explained that dating married men does not always mean they would take care of you or you’ll get to be spoilt with money.

Tracey Boakye stated that, “it is important for young ladies to focus on themselves, their progress and a place to lay their heads than pleasing people on social media.”

She also disputed claims the money she’s earned is a result of a relationship she’s had with a married man.

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