Man turns into a cow shortly after sleeping with a married woman (video evidence)

Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Somewhere in Zimbabwe, a man has reportedly metamorphosed into a cow shortly after he got between the thighs of a married woman.

Such stories are commonplace in Africa where superstition abounds but this occurrence has caused a stir and raised eyebrows.

In the video that vastly substantiates the report, the man could be seen sitting on the ground and sobbing while mooing like a cow intermittently.

Furthermore, his legs have been replaced by that of a cow or perhaps goat legs plus a tail to match.

Residents swarmed around him and filmed the rare phenomenon as they could not offer any help to him at that moment.


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In other news, a woman got drenched in shock and consequently collapsed after discovering that her husband is bisexual.

Per the account shared to renowned relationship expert Joro Olumofin, the woman had been suspecting her husband of cheating but had no concrete evidence to nail him down until recently.

Apparently, she expected to catch him in the act with a woman but to her shock, her husband has been secretly cheating on her with another man who is also married.

She discovered blood stains in his boxer short after bouts of intense intimacy he had with his gay partner that gave him away.


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