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My Mother Has Been Sleeping With My Husband For 6 Months And I Don’t Know What To Do – Lady Sadly Laments

Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

A lady has taken to social media to seek help after discovering her mother slept with her husband.

Read her full story below;

Please counsel me on this. My husband slept with my mother. I gave birth and needed my mother to nurse my baby. But my husband started having affairs with my mother and they did it not only once but for all the six months she stayed with us. They first did it in the bathroom of our guest room my mum slept in and it continued. Amazingly, I never discovered it.

year after she had left, my husband confessed to me. He just said it didn’t feel right so he wanted to confess and ask for forgiveness because it was a bad omen and he could be accursed. I have forgiven him but have been unable to confront my mother. He also pleaded not to confront my mother so I agreed. But I want to confront my mother or cut her off. For some time now, I don’t call or answered her calls.
Last week, she called my husband to ask if I had found out about the affair. He was with me and put the phone on loudspeaker so I heard everything.

He answered no and she told him not to disclose it to me. She was not ashamed to tell him afterward that she misses him and his kisses and their s3x. Sir, I want to confront my mother. I want to cut her off forever. If my mum can do this to me, I will never forgive her. Ever!

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