Harassment: Benson and his ladies


Benson, a young university graduate just got a cashier position at the biggest bank in town! He is about to start a new life, full of hope! Thanks to his new job and his good salary, he will be able to offer his fiancee, Judith a much better life. He has no clue, however, what troubles this new life is about to bring upon his marriage.

Today is Benson’s first day at his new job. He got hired as a cashier at the biggest bank in town. He is very happy and has great hopes for the future, he has no idea what’s awaiting him.

Colleague: The Boss is here! Stop dawdling and hurry up or we’ll get fired!

Benson: Aie!

Benson: I am really sorry madam. I am Benson, the new cashier!

Abiola: I don’t give a shit about who you are boy! Watch where you are going next time!!

Benson: !?!

Abiola: You just ruined my day! I am not finished with you!

Benson: !?!

Benson (thinking): What’s wrong with her?! Is she drunk?!

Benson’s superior: Benson, how did you manage to cross the boss’ path this morning?!

Benson: I didn’t see her coming! We hit each other! It was nothing serious!

Credit: Africagag

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