Safe Guarding Children – how to prevent neglect, abuse and exploitation

Written by Amenorhu kwaku

For anyone whose job role entails working with children, it’s essential that you have a good understanding of safeguarding practices and procedures. Everyone, regardless of their age, gender, religion, ethnicity, or background has the right to a healthy, happy life. Safeguarding is about minimizing and managing the risks to vulnerable individuals.

The Centaur Training ‘Safeguarding Children’ training course is predominately aimed at anyone who has a duty of care for, or comes into contact with children in their chosen profession, although some attendees just want a better understanding of how to protect their own children.

Thankfully, most children are brought up in loving, nurturing environments and grow up to lead happy lives, though sadly this is not always the case, and the subject has to be discussed so problems are identified and addressed in order to better protect those children that need it most.

During this course, students will be given many facts, figures, and details surrounding the risk to children, the types of abuse suffered, how to recognize the signs of abuse, and key safeguarding legislation and statutory frameworks put in place to minimize the abuse of and promote the welfare of children.

Once you are able to recognize the signs of possible abuse and know the steps you should take if you suspect it, you will be better able to protect the children in your care.

The course gives attendees safeguarding structure on what the law says and what happens when a referral is made. This helps students to appreciate the different roles professionals have in the safeguarding process

By the end of the course, attendees will have gained a much greater understanding of their role in the prevention of neglect, abuse, and exploitation of children and have a better understanding of the safeguarding principles. The course outcomes include:

  • Understanding of the role of safeguarding children and young people in various situations to keep them as safe as possible.
  • Understanding and identification of different types of abuse.
  • Understanding of the processes and procedures for reporting someone for suspected child abuse.
  • Understanding of the legislation and frameworks that protect children and young people in the UK.

If you want to gain a better understanding of child protection and safeguarding in order to help you protect children from abuse, and identify and stop the abuse that might already be happening then Centaur Trainings Level 2 Safe Guarding Children training course will give you an excellent grounding in the principles, legislation, and procedures required to do so.

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