An angry Bagman is threatening to throw out disruptive MPs from Parliament

Written by Amenorhu kwaku

Parliament Speaker Alban Bagbin has threatened to find lawmakers who disrupt parliamentary proceedings.

“I will be forced to hire a marshal to arrest and deport the people,” he warned at the start of the proceedings on Wednesday, February 23, 2022.

“Parliament is not a place for ridicule. It’s a place for trade, serious national affairs.”

“This is a different kind of parliament. We must be prepared for change in order to make people’s decisions and work together,” Bagbin added. He added that the situation had offended him and asked some deputies to remain silent about his warning.

The chairman also criticized first vice-chairman Joseph Osei-Owusu for rejecting a proposal to set up a two-party committee to review government spending on Covid-19.

He said Mr Osei-Owus’s decision to annul him in the case was unconstitutional.

“The attempt by First Vice-President [Joe Osei Owusu] to overturn my verdict is at least unconstitutional, illegal and offensive. However, I will not take steps to overturn the First Vice-President’s decision to dismiss Hon. Rank member of the Finance Committee, “he said.

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