Optometric Association: moderate the thickness of vehicular tinted glass

Written by Amenorhu kwaku

The Ghana Optometric Association (GOA) has advised the motorists to use moderate tinted material used to cover the glasses of vehicles to minimise the transmission of light when driving.

The Association said tinted glasses are mainly used to avoid excess heat and block the sun’s rays directly into the vehicle, but at the same time if not professionally applied could impede the visibility of the driver, especially at night.

Dr Alfred Gardemor who is the GOA Public Relations Officer advised Ghana News Agency-Tema Regional Office and the Ghana Optometric Association fortnightly public sensitization initiative “GNA-GOA: My Eye! My Vision!

The initiative is a collaborative public education advocacy campaign to promote the need for people to access eye care and also to draw attention to vision health.

The GNA-GOA: My Eyes! My Vision! The initiative also seeks to challenge the public and policymakers to focus on vision as a health issue, which forms a critical component of mankind’s wellbeing but is often neglected.

Dr Gardemor who is also the Optometrist at the Nsawam Government Hospital noted that even though tinted glasses offer a form of privacy and security to the occupants, it can also expose them to other forms of danger.

He noted that one of the downsides of tinting your car windows is that it reduces visibility while driving at night, “ lack of visibility increases the chance of an accident while also making it more difficult to navigate”.

He indicated that in Ghana road accident data shows that about 67 per cent of road accidents that occurred at night leads to death.

Dr Kwame Yeboah Junior, Optometrist at Cape Coast Teaching Hospital contributing to the discussion said in his view, it was more difficult to see at night through the tinted glass as drivers needed to strain their eyes when an object was approaching from the side which can lead to a road accident.

Dr Yeboah advised that drivers opt for a lighter window film when tinting their car to reduce the rate of infractions and aid them to see approaching vehicles more visible.

He stated, “Good vision is one of the main and essential elements needed to drive; without vision, one cannot drive properly”.

Mr Francis Ameyibor GNA Tema Manager explained that as part of “GNA-GOA: My Eyes! My Vision! “We are combining the forces of our professional calling as Optometric Physicians and Communication Experts to reach out to the public with a well-coordinated message”.

Mr Ameyibor said the collaboration would serve as a major platform to educate the public on vision health and also serves as a critical stage for the association to reach out to the world.

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