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Jesse Malkin
Written by Amenorhu Kwaku

Jesse Malkin is a well-known author with an interest in health. Who is his wife? What is his net worth? What religion does he belong to?

In this feature, we talk about Jesse Malkin, giving you all the facts that you need to know about his wife, his religion, the net worth he has as a result of his career and the health books he has authored since he has an extensive interest in the health of people.


Who is Jesse Malkin, where does he come from, what religion does he practice, who is his wife, is he married? All these are questions to be answered in this article.

Let’s begin with his biography.

Jesse Malkin is an American economist with RAND Corporation.


When and where was he born?

Jesse Malkin was born in 1969 in Detroit, Michigan in the United States of America.


Joe is a learned man unless you think being an economist and authoring several books on health is one for a person who hasn’t done any extensive studies.

So where did Jesse Malkin go to school?

He attended Berkeley High School in Detroit.

His excessive desire to acquire more education meant that he would proceed to Oberlin University.

Jesse Malkin Religion

Well, religion is becoming overly important, and as fans and admirers, people would always want to know where the people they admire and idolize lean towards in terms of religion.

Hence, this information about Jesse Malkin religion is relevant.

So, which religion does he belong to?

Is he an Atheist, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, etc?

Well, Jesse’s religion is Christianity and he belongs to the Roman Catholic Church Faith.

Jesse Malkin and Health

As mentioned before, Jesse has an extensive interest in the health of people, and that has made him have an interest in researching certain things that could be harming human health.

He has authored several books on health and has also done extensive research into several things bordering on health.

Jesse Malkin’s health research desire is evident in works he has done such as; “Outcomes Associated with Fentanyl Transdermal System and Oxycodone Controlled-Release in a California Medicaid Population” and “The Benefits From Giving Makers Of Conventional ‘Small Molecule’ Drugs Longer Exclusivity Over Clinical Trial Data”.

Jesse Malkin Wife

Every man desires a woman to keep them going, not to say men can not go without women–this could be arguable, anyway–but that is not the issue here.

The issue is about who Jesse’s wife is, and the earlier question of whether he is married is getting answered here.

Well, Jesse is married to a lovely woman, who has been overly supportive of her husband as he appears to be a very busy man, given that he loves to do a lot of research.

Jesse Malkin is married to Michelle Malkin.

The two met when Jesse was studying at Oberlin University.

Jesse and his wife, Michelle dated for two years before eventually getting married in 1993.

Unlike her husband who has decided to do health, Michelle Malkin is a political commentator and a blogger.

Net worth

This is always a very important part of these features about people who are working so hard like Jesse Malkin.

What is the health enthusiast’s net worth?

Jesse Malkin has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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