Stephen Atubiga Bio: Things You have to Understand about The NDC 2020 Presidential Hopeful

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The 2020 presidential race of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will probably be an extremely competitive one, since the variety of party participants eyeing the presidency. Of all the 7 people with indicated fascination with the presidential slot of the NDC is Stephen Atubiga, a fellow member of the NDC communication team.


Since Atubiga publicly declared the goal of his to contest for the presidency in the following elections, he’s been exuding much confidence, touting himself as the very best person to bear the NDC presidential flag come 2020. He’s additionally suggested he should contest for any NDC presidential slot regardless of whoever else that will run for the place, including former president John Mahama.


The forthcoming politician who’s currently generally regarded as a talkative touts himself as the very first ever average Ghanaian to emerge because of the presidency. The male has repeatedly vowed to-complete something for the NDC to come to drive, including sacrificing the life of his.


“In politics, all is possible; it’s a major business so if NDC is sacrificing the existence of mine to gain power, not a problem. If it’s great for NDC I call for it,” Atubiga recently stated on Kumasi based Ash FM.


Meanwhile, having adequate guts to show interest in the presidency is truly a noble feat which requires commendation. Additionally, every time any individual decides to get started with such an honorable course, he or maybe she immediately rises above being only a regular Ghanaian and turns into a visible character whom individuals would most likely like to find out much more about them. This’s precisely why we bring you every aspect you have to learn about Stephen Atubiga, among the NDC 2020 presidential aspirants. Browse on…


Stephen Atubiga Bio and Family Background Mr. Atubiga in a recently available interview revealed he came into this world into a political household. Based on him, the biological father of his was an MP from 1992 2000. The baby brother of his, Mathias Atubiga had also been in parliament with the likes of Ackaah, Kufuor, Obed Asamoah during Lehman’s regime. Also, he revealed that the grandfather of his was a part of council during Nkrumah’s administration.


Stephen Atubiga is a communications staff member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). He hails from Binduri in the Binduri District of top of the East Region of Ghana.


Stephen was first seen on the political scene as he contested throughout the 2012 NDC parliamentary primary in the Binduri constituency. He subsequently joined the party’s communications team, having been defeated in the race.


Things You have to Understand about The NDC 2020 Presidential Hopeful Are you aware Atubiga is an electrician by field and also presently functions as a service personnel in the Tamale Teaching Hospital? Allow me to share more facts one must understand about the male’s political career.


1. His Parliamentary Races

Stephen Atubiga makes 2 failed attempts in the parliamentary seat of the constituency of his, Binduri under the umbrella of the NDC. As previous hinted, he created the very first try in 2011 in front of the 2012 general elections but dropped at the main election stage.


Motivated to attain the dream of his, Mr. Atubiga created one failed attempt in 2015 to contest the 2016 parliamentary election on the ticket of the NDC in the Binduri constituency.


2. Atubiga’s Imprisonment

Stephen Atubiga was jailed in 2013 following the 2012 landmark Supreme Court Election petition. As the trials had been ongoing, a great deal of unsavory comments & responses have been flying all around the press and also Stephen happened to be someone who paid dearly for theirs.


Anything much like the predicament of the Montie FM panelists befell Atubiga as he ultimately landed in court alongside Ken Kuranchie, following an order by presiding judge, Justice William Atuguba. He was dragged to court for producing contemptuous comments on the air about the petition process and also the judges.


Though Stephen and the colleague of his unconditionally retracted the offending statements and rendered profuse apologies to the court, they each received a mitigated sentence of 3 days imprisonment. Recounting the ordeal of his to the press to follow the release of his, Atubiga said the 3 days in jail were like 3 weeks!



3. The Reaction of his to Regional Chairmen’s Endorsement of Mahama


Not long past, the 10 local chairmen of the NDC called on former president John Mahama to contest for the presidency come 2020 elections; a move which is having yucky criticisms from both typical people and the leadership of the gathering.


Stephen Atubiga while talking on Kumasi based OTEC FM, described the local chairmen’s action as hypocritical. Mr. Atubiga revealed that the majority of the regional chairmen have provided him the support of theirs in the presidential aspiration of his. For him, the turning of theirs around to urge Mahama to lead the party is sheer hypocrisy, strictly created on food cravings for power, including that he’ll quickly present them.


“Most of these very same chairmen who’ve endorsed Mahama also have endorsed me. I believe they’re taking us as a given though I am going to expose them soon,” he promised.


From everything you finally understand about Stephen Atubiga, would you think he’s competent to work for the presidency? Make sure you, we need to have the reactions of yours in the comment section below.

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