Rashida Black Beauty Apologises After Debatable Viral Nude Video

Written by Amenorhu kwaku

Rashidatu Mohammed, alias Rashida Black Beauty, introduced one more debatable footage of herself stark naked on the social networking of her, spurring media outrage.


The video referred to as disgusting by numerous Ghanaians has got a few tongues screaming and wagging that the actions of her are the product of a failed society.


Rashida Black Beauty as she was nicknamed won a Viral Video of the Year award with her Kushmai recording in the 2016 Jiwe Award. Although not every person was pleased about it, as a situation of fact, many folks expressed disdain over the organizers of the award event.


Some gutsy people voiced out their views saying the organizers of the award are people who have taken it upon themselves to ruin the moral fiber of the nation. They described the now deceased singer, Ebony Reign who was important for her indecent dressing, along with asserted the award Rashida received would just cause an increase in the currently severe sexual perversion and exposure of young Ghanaian ladies.


To others, handing Rashida the award isn’t surprising; all things considered, the movies & songs being encouraged by the press in the nation have for so very long portrayed nudity as something cool. On some quarters, Ghanaians are asking the person must be offered assistance. It’s commonly thought that the actions of her have been a manifestation of society’s failure and also, that she must be held accountable for what she did.


Meanwhile, amid the tongue lashing, Rashida Black Beauty got to her Facebook page to apologize. Her apology reads:


Hello Ghana, I’m sorry and I regret the actions of mine, there’s a great deal of reason for this video though I suppose the damage has been done so no one is going to be prepared to pick up what I’ve to state or even let them know.


Everything I need to point out is I regret the actions of mine and I am hoping Ghanaians do forgive me… Thank you!


The newest video viewed as an evidence, pointing to the moral degeneration of the fast rising social media celebrity, Rashida Black Beauty sparked judgemental discussions on the WhatsApp platform – Alliance for Women in Media, Africa.


A lot of the platform users spoke up, with a single saying:


I do not think she’s people that are very good around her. The manager of her just seemed keen on getting the hands of his on the cash individuals gave her to help further the education of her.


Another user named Rhema observed the culture has failed individuals as Rashida by reducing fame and popularity to indecency and nudity. Individuals as Efe Plange, the Founding father of Sankofa Reviews concurred with a different member that contended it is tough for a modest, hardworking individual to flourish without having a controversy.


Plange said:


You can’t do good diligent work and ensure it is in Ghana. Is like you’ve to become questionable to get it exercise for you. She’s something of the society of ours, a reflection of the system of ours.


The discussion that began with the goal of looking away because of the welfare of Rashida Black Beauty converted into a crucial look at what perhaps triggered the actions of her and the possible effects of its on the current demographic. Several suggested that management plus depression could’ve pressed her towards such indecent behavior.


Moreover, concerns have been raised with the job of the press to promote sexual indecency as well as the rising trend of sex tape leaks. One comment made on the Whatsapp page reads:


Social media sets the pace today. Conventional media have to be up and doing. We’ve to blame ourselves, many media houses currently pick the news bulletin of theirs out of social networking, lazy journalism.


The contributor thinks when the media is really setting the agenda and working in the interest of the folks, then talks around video leaks will likely be steered in an balanced direction.


Although some became available to rebuke Rashida Black Beauty, you will find people who supported the nude display of her, arguing she’s the right to be read and also seen. These guys stressed the oppression of the female body is the reason why people as Rashida must be lauded. They pointed out that what she did is very regular in international countries, hinting that all those reprimanding Rashida are primitive.


Presently, Rashida Black Beauty has 7,086 followers on her IG page which, by the way, is a personal account.

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