Ghana Gas Helicopters Controversy: Fast Facts You Have to Know

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Years back, Ghana imported 4 high end helicopters to observe pipelines though the move caused a nationwide uproar. Some experts argued that it’s a big step to get the helicopters supervise the offshore onshore infrastructures. Nevertheless, the controversy surrounding the improvement has remained a topic of public interest.


Anyhow, the following are a few fast information you ought to understand about the Ghana Gas Helicopters controversy.


1. Only 4 Helicopters Were Procured

Ghana Gas denied press reports hinting that 7 helicopters have been purchased for the surveillance services. The company clarified that just 4 helicopters have been purchased from China National Aero Technology Import and Export Corporation (CATIC) in 2015. This was found in a statement released by Ghana Gas to disregard the circulating rumors.


2. Ghana Gas Helicopters Never Went Missing

Management of Ghana Gas has reported the helicopters bought by the erstwhile Mahama administration aren’t lacking as earlier reported. The company has stated that press reports indicating the helicopters had been missing was erroneous and should be disregarded by the common public.


3. PIAC’s Dr. Steve Manteaw Fuelled Rumors

The circulating info that several helicopters bought by the Mahama administration in 2015 for Ghana Gas had been lacking have been discovered being set up by the Public Interest and Accountability Committee’s (PIAC) Dr. Steve Manteaw, who reported that 3 Ghana Gas Company (GGC) helicopters have been missing.


Dr. Manteaw believed the helicopters couldn’t be traced, stirring controversy among stakeholders. The co chair of the Ghana Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (GHEITI) reported the info was leaked by sources close to Ghana Gas.


4. Helicopters with Air Force

Ghana Gas additionally stated in the declaration that the helicopters are stationed at the Air Force Headquarters at Burma Camp. This’s since they presently lack the expertise to work and keep the helicopters. The company said the army has got the knowledge to work and keep the helicopters, including they’re in good working condition. The statement of the missing helicopters has likewise been dismissed by the former Deputy Minister for Power John Jinapor as unfortunate and strange.


5. Ex President Mahama Commissioned the Helicopters

Former President John Dramani Mahama in 2015, commissioned 4 helicopters to police the Ghana Gas task and also make sure sufficient protection on the nation’s onshore pipelines. The helicopters which had been being operated by the Ghana Airforce have been procured to make sure that the one dolars billion Atuabo Gas Processing Plant was protected.


The helicopters were procured with the target of enabling Ghana Gas curb challenges which impede the generation of gasoline in Ghana. At the moment of commissioning of the 4 Z 9 EH helicopters, the former president said the action had also been to help in the common protection of all oil installations and offshore oil fields.


6. None of The Commissioned Helicopters Happen to be used

All 4 helicopters manufactured by China haven’t been used for one time. The aircraft that had been purchased with a bank loan facility from China Development Bank are believed to not do some surveillance of petroleum and gas duty as of yet.


Dr. Steve Manteaw believes they might have been bought for various other motives outside engine oil and gas monitoring. The Dr. not too long ago opined that they might have been purchased for the army and never for Ghana Gas.


7. Why Has It Not Been employed for Security Surveillance?

If everything mentioned about the 4 helicopters is correct, Ghana is experiencing probably the most dependable security surveillance of gas and petroleum because it is able to efficiently reduce illegal activities or maybe vandalization which could disrupt operations. While questions that are many are raised regarding why the helicopters haven’t been utilized for protection surveillance yet, no solution is provided. This goes on to make the procurement more debatable.


8. Maintenance

Once history speculations that several helicopters bought in 2015 were lacking that the Ghana Gas Management countered and also worried the 4 helicopters have been stationed at the Air Force Headquarters, rumors regarding the excessive price of its of maintenance followed. This made the management to put out a statement noting that Ghana Gas is lacking in the professionalism to work and keep the helicopters. This, based on the statement, is the main reason the helicopters remain stationed at Air Force base for appropriate maintenance.


9. The Helicopters Potency

The nation questioned the performance of the 4 pricey helicopters that are believed to offer first-class security. Some reports claimed they had been reduced and rickety; others reported they were not new. To debunk the bogus report, the management of Ghana Gas brought a bit of clarity stating the 4 models are located in a really great working condition.


10. They Caused A great deal Of Disagreement

The utilization of helicopters to monitor gas and oil services in Ghana also did not sit perfectly with several stakeholders that insisted the nation does not require such massive debt for security surveillance of petroleum and gas. It was argued the government must think about other choices and channel the overwhelming amount of cash to problems that are different affecting the nation.


Nevertheless, Ghana Gas emphasized the usage of helicopters is tantamount to a dependable surveillance of gas and petroleum pipelines.

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