Chris Attoh and Damilola Divorce: Here is Everything You need to Know

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This particular celebrity couple’s divorce began with substantial speculations; today, it’s at last been confirmed the Ghanaian actor Chris Attoh and Damilola, the Nigerian wife of his are divided.


What makes it all the more factual is Chris was the person who allow the cat from the bag as he interacted with Bellanaija.


What Resulted in The Divorce of Chris Attoh and also Damilola?

Approximately seven months ago, reports had it the marriage of the 2 celebrities had struck the rocks but Chris, in addition to the ex wife of his, debunked the reports. Nevertheless, in an interview with the above mentioned outfit, Chris revealed he’s simply no longer married to the wife of his.


We weren’t capable to deduce the particular reason or maybe circumstances that led to the divorce of theirs. Nevertheless, Chris had jokingly told the press in an interview that the sisters of his (around the world) had often not been meant for the marriage.


The duo’s divorce reports gained prominence after Chris posted a few pictures of the wife of his on social networking, wishing her a happy second anniversary on February fourteen, but Damilola didn’t react and do exact same.


However, Dami later posted a birthday shout out to the husband of her, Chris proclaiming the love of her for him. Nevertheless, with Chris’ confirmation, one could easily say the 2 are not a pair.


Damilola and chris Attoh Actually are In Terms that are Good In the Interview, Chris spoke passionately about the ex wife Damilola Adegbite of his and the son Brian of his. He discovered that in spite of the troubles of divorce, they’re working collectively towards devoting time to the son of theirs. He said:


…Since the divorce, we’re definitely today reworking things to produce an innovative balance between work, passing time with and raising the son of ours.


Although they’re not together, Chris mentioned that Dami is a fantastic female as well as an incredible mother who’ll continue to be the friend of his despite the differences of theirs.


Damilola and Chris got engaged in August 2014, married in a private ceremony on February 2015 in Accra and also possessed a son called Brian. The marriage which lasted for just 2 years was referred to as a fairytale from the beginning. The 2 became lovers after they labored together in the MNET series, Tinsel – a show which actually brought Damilola to the limelight and was the acting debut of her.


It may be recalled Chris boasted of just how lucky he was finding a warm, beautiful Nigerian female (Damilola). He discovered the primary attraction between them was the point that their birthdays had been 1 day apart – Chris is on May seventeen and Damilola May eighteen.


While getting to know one another, Chris stated they share specific similarities and the desires of theirs are the same. Regrettably, the spark that made them husband and wife did not sparkle for long.



Shortly after their divorce became publicly known, the Ghanaian actor went live on air to talk about the basics of marriage; he expressed that regard, forgiveness, and submission are several of the points anticipated out of a female.


Speaking on Starr FM, Chris revealed that a male is cozy alone but in case he discovers a female, that suggests he’s discovered a great idea – a plus to the future of his. He further asserted that females have to believe in the captain of the ship, that is a crucial element for peace to reign in the house. He stressed that a female who doesn’t publish to the husband of her and trust the instincts of his won’t achieve success in marriage.


Chris denied the allegation of infidelity, saying he never ever cheated as there was not a reason behind him to cheat.


Meanwhile, the Nigerian actress didn’t address her failed marriage straight though a declaration she shared on Instagram gave the personal aspect of her of the story.


“2017 became a difficult year for me,” she wrote. “One of the most difficult of the life of mine. The trust of mine was betrayed in heartbreaking ways also I’d going through some really unpleasant tremendous changes. But in all this, I’m eternally grateful because who I’m, became really clear to me.”


She said God proved Himself to her giving her what she believed she actually wanted however, has taken it out as what we would like is not always beneficial to us. The actress stated she is determined to remain cheerful and positive even though the law of karma sort things out for her.


However, Damilola and chris Attoh have managed to locate a means forward with the individual lives of theirs and also have remained cordial. This was confirmed by the birthday wishes they exchanged in May 2018. Though the fans of theirs have pointed out the stress underneath the supposed good wishes.

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